All Classes: Pay What You Can

All are Welcome


Fall and Winter 2023


7:15 – 8:00a Sunrise Yoga

8:15 – 9:00a Sunrise Yoga 

5:15 – 6:15p Let EVERYTHING go

6:30 – 7:30p Monday Meditation


 8:00 – 9:00a Sunrise Yoga (NEW)

5:15 –6:15p Ease into your evening

6:30 – 7:30p   FUNdamental yoga


7:15 – 8:00a Sunrise Yoga

8:15 – 9:00a Sunrise Yoga

5:15 – 6:15p let EVERYTHING go

6:30 – 7:30p     let EVERYTHING go


8:00 – 9:00a Sunrise Yoga (NEW)

6:00- 7:00p Flow with it


7:15 – 8:00a Sunrise Yoga

8:15 – 9:00a Sunrise Yoga

12:00 – 12:45p    Energize your AFTERNOON 

Unique Friday evening classes:

1st Friday    6:30 – 7:45p Yoga Nidra

2nd Friday      6:30 – 8:00p Sound Meditation

3rd Friday      6:30 – 8:30p Open House with LIVE music 

4th Friday      6:30 – 7:45p Yoga Nidra 

5th Friday No evening classes


9:15 – 10:15a Wake me up before you go go 


10:00 -11:00a Easy like

Sunday Morning

11:30a – 12:45p Yoga for 12- Step Recovery (Y12SR)

Class Description 

Sunrise Yoga Gentle morning stretch, connecting breath and movement. 

Energize your Afternoon – Rejuvenate and flow – Energizing poses and breath work

Let EVERYTHING Go – Find what feels good that evening with mindful movement.

Monday Meditation – Spend a peaceful evening with community, sitting and sharing if you wish.  Start the week feeling connected.  No prior experience needed with meditation.   

Flow with It – This class is a slow flow vinyasa class. Some challenges may be offered.  Feel strong, breathe and move.  

FUNdamental Yoga A class suitable for all levels. Learn how to move into and out of shapes/asana and build a relationship with breath, mind, and body. Offering will be fluid and informative.    

Yoga Nidra Guided meditation relaxation, restore the body and mind.  You will be invited to settle in, get comfortable and do nothing.  Enhance your calm. Lie down for 35 – 45 minutes and let yourself be guided with breath and body awareness techniques.  

Open House with LIVE Music –  CommUNITY yoga space invites you to sit, stand, stay or pop in to see and hear what we have going on.  Every 3rd Friday from 6:30p- 8:30p we will be opening the doors and sharing soothing LIVE music and tea. Every day is an open house at CommUNITY Yoga Space but for 3rd in the ‘Burg we’re kicking it up a notch. No yoga experience needed!  

Sound Meditation – Our Sound Meditations are open and accessible to all. They will include conversations around sound, followed by breathing exercises, guided visualizations, vocalization, and a soundscape including gong, singing bowls, chimes, and other overtone emitting instruments. This experience creates space for deep relaxation, calming of the mind, and empowering positive change within oneself.

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go  – Start the weekend on a positive note! Upbeat music will get the body grooving with a sprinkle of flowing movement and challenge.  Everything can be modified to fit your body’s need.      

Easy Like Sunday Morning This class will be all about creating a gentle morning to treat yourself right. Elements of restorative, long holds and gentle flow are woven together to support and nurture your body.  You’ll feel blissed and ready for brunch!

Yoga for 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) – This holistic class “connects the dots” between a traditional yoga class and the relapse prevention tools of any 12-step program. There will be a period of sharing, as in a 12 step meeting, followed by a basic yoga practice. If you are dealing with your own addictive behaviors or the addictive behaviors of others you are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Please note the TIME change in Tuesday and Thursday morning classes


Creative Expression Workshop

Date: Saturday February 25, 2023

Time: 10:30am-12:30pm

In this interactive workshop you will explore your emotions and how they are stored within your body. Use this safe space to engage in a creative outlet that allows you to go inward and express your emotions creatively.

What to expect:

The workshop will begin by introducing the group to the LivingWell Lifestyle education program, followed by a brief exercise to quiet the mind and allow emotions to surface before beginning our creative expression project.

  • Supplies will be provided for this workshop and NO artistic ability is required, come in comfortable attire.
  • Come prepared to step into an environment that is a safe space and respects the emotional journey of others.
  • An opportunity will be provided for those who feel comfortable to share their project with the class are welcomed to.

Laughter yoga & Self Care Workshop


We here at commUNITY yoga space believe the secret to success is giving and yoga is worth sharing. Every class offered is PAY WHAT YOU CAN. If you can’t make it to a class, we can travel to you.

The yoga space is nestled in the heart of Midtown, Harrisburg, offering a variety of classes for all abilities.

Your neighborhood yoga place ~ commUNITY yoga space

Things you should know

  • No registration needed
  • Metered parking in front of the space M-Sa 8:00am – 7:00pm and Sunday Free / Not metered (Free Parking) behind the yoga space on James St. 🙂
  • Venmo or Cash app NOT ACCEPTED

Please call if you have any questions!
(717) 856 0263

commUNITY yoga space
1423 N. 3rd St.
Harrisburg, Pa 17102